December 18, 2024

Witches in Woodbury

Written by your guest blogger Brian:

This story in the Star Tribune contains so many different things that are worth commenting on... from this quote: "The city of Woodbury is known for its warmth and hospitality, not its hidden pollution of the mind," (I beg to differ) to my strong compulsion to buy the book Modern Sex Magick: Secrets of Erotic Spirituality for everyone on my Christmas list. I envy my former co-worker Alison, who, as an employee of the company, gets to read the "Letters from Young Wizards" posted on the walls of Llewellyn Worldwide. Seriously, the religous right have become so hysterical that they threaten to obliterate camp as we know it. Why watch John Waters' films when the comic outrage he specializes in is found in a more over-the-top form every day in the papers? Oh, and there was a suicide at the Crystal Cathedral yesterday, right before the annual Christmas pageant. Happy Holidays!

Posted by brian at December 18, 2024 02:42 AM
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