November 23, 2024

Impending Holiday at Home

It says something about me this past month that I am actually looking forward to a few days in Duluth. I know, I know it freaks me out too. My sister turns 21 on Friday so my brother and I will probably take her out and get her wasted. That could be fun. Imagine us three distant unemotional bastard-children lined up at the bar at the Tap Room or something, grudgingly crying on each others' shoulders as the booze takes effect.

But, I'll be bringing up some unfinished writing projects. I kind of want to come back home on Saturday to see a show at the 400 Bar. Vicky won't be there...we put her to sleep. She was incontinent and urinated on the floor in her sleep. I'll miss her.

I have been eating only vegetarian foods this week in anticipation of Thanksgiving. What's everyone else doing?

Posted by Jason at November 23, 2024 01:23 PM
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